Screensaver version history

StarMessage screensaver v5.7.1 released. More power options to delay computer sleep mode. Better moon phase accuracy.

The illumination of the moon image is improved together with the accuracy of the moon phase percent. More options were added to control the power settings and to keep the computer awake and avoid sleep/low power mode.

StarMessage screensaver v5.5.6 (Windows, Mac), v5.5.7 (Apple store) released

- Internal improvements of the screensaver

- Better illumination of the new moon phase

- Better registration system for paying users

- More quotes in the full version (v.5.5.7)

- More quotes in the free version (v.5.5.7)

- Better launch options and more clear explanatory messages (v.5.5.7)

Go get the free version from our website [Windows], [MacOS].