libSharewareCpp - C++ software registration/activation library for shareware developers

A C++ cross platform mini library for registering software products on the customers' computers.

You can easily include it in your C++ program to support activation and registration of your full version.

You can use unlimited number of parameters, e.g. max number of "saves" or switch ON/OFF different features.

You can create different shareware models, e.g. Free version, Trial version, Full/complete version, Special editions that have more features than the free version and less than the full version.

Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOs compatible.

Class diagram of the C++ shareware library for software activation and registration
Class diagram of the C++ shareware library for software activation and registration

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Software name: 
StarMessage software
Developer tools
C++ libraries
Operating system: 
Microsoft Windows
Apple macOS
Average: 5 (1 vote)
  • Very simple integration and use.
  • Light-weight, small footprint.
  • Modern C++ classes.
  • Generate activation codes even from a calculation done in an excel file. This means that you can generate activation codes even from your smart phone or tablet (that has excel).
  • Supports the generation of activation codes that do not require the prior knowledge of the computerID (aka MachineID).
    This means that the developer can email an activation code to the customer immediately when he receives the payment notification from his online payment processor (e.g. PayPal, RegNow, ShareIT, Digital River, My commerce, etc).
  • Each developer has his own ApplicationID (discoverable by hackers) and ProductSecretKey (hidden).


Very simple but it worked well for the activations of my shareware software that I sell online. No cracks so far.


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