CRC / Hash

CRC, hash, checksum file utilities. Calculate the CRC hashes of multiple files. Use the hashes to verify file intergity.

CrcCheckCopy - How it works

We describe here how to use CrcCheckCopy, to compare folders on Windows and/or Mac using the CRC hash checksum of each file. This is a command-line utility, so you first need to open the Command prompt (on Windows) or the Terminal (on MacOS) and then type the command and parameters to start the comparison.

Scan phase

Scans the files, calculates their CRC32 hash and saves it together with their file size in a file called CRCstamps.txt.

CrcCheckCopy - compare folders by the CRC hash of each file

Verify by CRC that your file/folder copies are identical.

CrcCheckCopy is a free, professional command-line utility for Windows and MacOS that compares files by CRC hash checksum in local or remote folders/disks/DVDs. The utility records the CRC checksum hashes of each file in an external file. It does not need concurrent access to the two folders.