Moon phases 2021

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Full moon phases calendar 2018

Monthly calendar of the moon phases of 2018, showing the full moons, the new moons, the moon quarters and the waning, waxing cresents.

Current moon phase image

See an image of today's moon phase together with detailed moon phase information.

Moon phases software

Our moon phases screensaver shows you the current moon phase inside a realistic presentation of the night sky. It shows additional moon phase information like illumination percent, degrees of the moon phase and notifies you about the upcoming full and new moons.


StarMessage Screensaver


moon image city night sky
View today's moon phase and write messages in the stars of the night sky

StarMessage is an inspired screensaver that shows the night sky with the moon at its current lunar phase.
It lets you write messages or wishes using the stars of the night sky: the stars move around to form your messages.
Plays calming nature sounds and music, show quotes of wisdom and love and much more.

If you like gazing at the night sky, StarMessage is the screensaver that you must absolutely try.