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Digital clock screensaver - StarMessage v.5.7.4

A digital clock functionality was added to the screensaver version 5.74.

You can now see the current time in 24 or 12 hours format, include or exclude the seconds. You can additionally select the color of the digital clock display, and its movement speed. Together with the time, you will, of course, see all the other animations of the StarMessage screensaver.

Website VS Mobile App Google Analytics reporting views and the Google measurement protocol

Website vs Mobile App types of reporting views in Google Analytics, and the measurement protocol.

The Google measurement protocol can send PageViews, ScreenViews and Events to your Google Analytics account.

See a comparison listing the similarities and differences between the two types of reporting views: Website vs Mobile App.

Announcement: New version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry. Connect your shareware program with Google Analytics

Run time analytics for desktop software

Version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry was released.

With libAppTelemetry you can monitor the usage statistics of your desktop program (Windows, MacOS) and the size of your user base, for free, using Google Analytics.

StarMessage screensaver v5.7.1 released. More power options to delay computer sleep mode. Better moon phase accuracy.

The illumination of the moon image is improved together with the accuracy of the moon phase percent. More options were added to control the power settings and to keep the computer awake and avoid sleep/low power mode.

Black Friday 2017 - buy now 50% OFF StarReminder - Tasks Reminding utility

Black Friday 50% OFF sales

StarReminder is a Tasks Reminding utility that you can easily use as an electronic calendar, task organizer, daily planner, alarm clock and birthday reminder.

You can have reminders, alerts for specific dates and times. With the advanced (but easy to user) scheduling options you can setup recurring reminders (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.). 

Announcement: See your shareware usage statistics with libAppTelemetry and Google Analytics

Shareware developers can now monitor the usage of their programs via Google Analytics, in the same way they monitor their website traffic.

This is the announcement of v0.5.2 of libAppTelemetry that brings this capability to indie programmers (Windows, MacOS X).

Google analytics reporting examples for tracking software/shareware desktop applications

By using libAppTelemetry in your shareware/software application you can see runtime statistics of your desktop program via the Google Analytics platform.

As a shareware developer you are probably already using Google analytics for your website traffic as it is a free and reliable solution. With our library you can now also monitor the usage of your software program.

In this article you can see examples of the reports that you will get.

StarMessage screensaver v5.5.6 (Windows, Mac), v5.5.7 (Apple store) released

- Internal improvements of the screensaver

- Better illumination of the new moon phase

- Better registration system for paying users

- More quotes in the full version (v.5.5.7)

- More quotes in the free version (v.5.5.7)

- Better launch options and more clear explanatory messages (v.5.5.7)

Go get the free version from our website [Windows], [MacOS].