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StarMessage Moon Phase Screensaver

StarMessage is a "moon and stars screensaver" for Windows and Apple MacOS X, showing a realistic presentation of the night sky, with the moon in its actual phase.

You can write your name or your messages (such as your wishes or love messages) using the stars of the night sky.

Keep on reading to discover its many features or just install the free trial (but functional) version and experience it for yourself. You can have it installed at your computer in less than a minute.

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Who is this screensaver for?

People who are interested in the moon phases
Hunters, fishermen, farmers, who want to hunt/fish/plant by the moon phases.
Groups who plan their activities by the moon phases, e.g. full moon parties, new moon gatherings, etc.
People in love
can write their love messages in the stars of the night sky.
who can instantly see the night sky and the exact moon phase during the day or during cloudy nights. They will also be reminded of upcoming moon phases.
who share the same computer and can leave lovely messages to each other.
can leave inspiring messages or advice for their grandchildren.
Owners of public computers
can write promotional messages on the computer screens of on wall projectors.
can write messages in the stars to remind their customers that they "read" the stars for them.
Kids interested in astronomy
who are fascinated by the sky or just want to see a serene scene before going to bed.

A screensaver with unique features that is like many screensavers together.

Windows and MacOS Moon phase screensaver
See an image of the moon at its current moon phase, together with the name of the moon phase, the percentage of moon illuminated and the recent or upcoming dates of full moons and new moons.
Moon image and moon phase information.
MAC OS X: Moon settings and moon information.
Romantic messages screen saver
The stars of the night sky will move around to write your romantic messages. Will surely impress the reader of your messages. No other screen saver can do this!
Write your messages, your name, or any other text in the stars
MAC OS X: Write your messages in the stars.
Shooting stars can make your wish come true
StarMessage can do anything for you: It contains shooting stars (falling stars) to help you make your wishes come true.
You must be fast enough to make your wish when you'll see a shooting star.
You can also write your wish in the stars. StarMessage will remind you of your wish everyday. Some groups of people believe that this way your unconscious mind will start working silently to make your wish come true.
Just make sure that you are wishing for good/positive things and you understand all the consequences of your wishes. Your wisdom must be greater than your desire when you make a wish.
Moving stars / StarField screen saver
If you liked the classic moving stars screensavers or the star field space screensavers, you should definitely try StarMessage.

See a recorded video of this moon screensaver and the movement of the stars.
You can go to the YouTube link to see it in bigger size.
And please don't forger to up-vote or share it if you like it.

Famous quotes screensaver
StarMessage shows inspiring and motivating quotes about love, wisdom, humor, peace, global world matters.
You can add your own quotes and messages (Apple MAC OSX version only).
Or you can send your own quotes to me, and if qualified, will be included in the next versions of the screensaver for all users to see, reaching a wider audience.
Famous quotes and messages
MAC OS X: Read famous quotes or import your own quotes.
Sounds of nature screensaver (sounds of birds, sounds of ocean waves, etc.), including a cuckoo-clock sound
Let this serene screensaver calm and relax you or even put you to sleep, with tender sounds of ocean waves, birds, lullabies and sleep reminders.
Birds, ocean sounds, cuckoo-clock screensaver
MAC OS X: Sound settings
Rooster screensaver/cuckoo clock screensaver
You can use the screensaver as the old cuckoo clocks. Every hour you can hear a cuckoo sound while in the morning hours you will hear a rooster trying to wake you up.
A selection of night sky background wallpapers
Night sky backgrounds to select
MAC OS X: Select the night sky background that matches better the room's light conditions.
Multiple monitor screensaver
(Apple MAC OSX and Windows 4.xx versions only)
If your computer has more than one monitor/screen and you are looking for a screensaver running on multiple monitors, this screensaver will cover your needs.
Prevent the computer from going to idle (sleep) mode.
(Apple MAC OSX and Windows 5+ versions only)
If your computer is left to complete a lengthy operation, like downloading a big file, the computer might automatically enter an inactivity state and disrupt your operation. You can use the "power" settings of the screensaver to keep your computer "awake" for the next two or eight hours.
You can also use the power settings to keep the screensaver running (without the monitor being switched off) so you can see the night sky before you go to sleep.
MAC OS X Screen saver power options to keep MAC awake.
MAC OS X: Power configuration. Keep MAC awake for the next hours. Prevent the MAC from going to idle state.
Animated wallpaper
(Mac Apple store version only)
The Mac Apple store version of the screen saver can work as an animated wallpaper showing the moon, the stars and your messages behind your desktop icons.


More screenshots

screensaver image
MAC OS X Screen saver panel
MAC OS X: Screen saver panel. How to configure the screen saver.
Software identity card
Software name: 
StarMessage Moon Phases Screensaver
View today's moon phase and write messages in the stars of the night sky
StarMessage software
Space screensaver
Operating system: 
Microsoft Windows
Apple macOS
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Windows 10 starfield screensaver.
This is by far the very best star screen savers one can find. Lost hard drives etc....I will reinstall each and every time. Have had since 98 and wouldn't change it for one second.
Who can ask for more than the 'moon and stars'?


I LOVE this moon screensaver! It is wonderful to sit back and watch the stars "fall into place"! I also like that I can see the current moon phase. Blessings and thank you.


I've been a StarMessage user since version 3. What I like the most about it is the twinkling of the stars and the accurate moon phase. And I LOVE that the screen saver is now compatible with dual monitors! Also like being able to change the size of the moon. Would like to see more random, twinkling stars. Not a big fan of the new static, "starry sky background". I keep that turned off so just the random stars can be seen. The only thing I miss is the countdown, time, and day counter messages from version 4 and below. The falling stars look ALOT better than in previous versions of the screen saver! Thanks again for keeping this wonderful screen saver going!


A simple but unique sky screensaver! You get all the information you need about the Moon Phases without clattering your screen. It really reminds of the summer night sky, and brings a smile to my face when it turns on. I love the fact that I can write my own message and dream on. Great quotes that make you think and smile! Well done!!


I discovered StarMessage Screensaver about 18-19 years ago, after I purchased my first PC and was looking for some screensavers by searching on the Internet. I liked it, so I downloaded the free version which I used along with a Halloween screensaver, my two favourite screensavers. Time passes. Some years ago, after several computers and notebooks (or laptop, if you prefer) has changed, with consequent loss of data almost every time, by talking with my old friends about the past and how computer world has developed in these 20 years, I remembered my favourite screensaver. Therefore I made a search with Google and found that StarMessage was still existing, so I immediately downloaded it and some weeks of use I registered it. When I was young I liked to see the name of my girlfriend written by the stars on my tower PC screen. Today I like to watch the name of my wife (yes, it's the same name and girl of 20 years ago) and the name of my two children aged 5 and 8 years written by the stars on my notebook screen


I got your stars and moon phases screen saver years ago. I used it all the time, my favorite of all screen saver with so many fun options like countdown to actual birth days to birthdays, great special message options, versus or quotes to change my mood or life direction.


I found your screen saver when searching for best screensavers mac.
I am using the free download version and it looks very good.


That's a nice shooting stars screensaver for my Windows 7. Thanks !


I was searching to download a windows 7 screen saver. This is a serene screen saver for the whole family.


I have been using the screensaver for many years, I would guess 8 or so. I found the newer version on Facebook on your site. I love the moon phases feature.
I think I use most of the options available and it is perfect just as it is!
Thank you for developing it!


I had the screensaver originally as a freebie with a Moon phase software program, when I re-installed the software, the screensaver was no longer included with the extras so Google helped me find you again!

What I like about Starmessage - the realistic Moon, the accurate Moon phase and the customisable messages. I wouldn't mind some more stars (I know, I'm greedy!) but aside from that, I like it just the way it is :)


I love StarMessage as much today as I did when I first saw it years ago.
Computers come and go but StarMessage stays faithful.
Thank you so much for continuing to keep it alive and well.


I’ve just installed the screensaver on my Windows as well (had purchased years ago for windows ) now i’ve purchased full version for my Mac, it is running perfectly.
I'll never use another screensaver! i think my kids will also have the same thing.... lol , we love it, thank you.


Many thanks for your very fast support fixing a small problem with displaying time on multiple monitors! And many thanks for new feature - increasing quote duration up to 90 seconds!



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