How do I change the default message that is written in the stars?

When you install the StarMessage screensaver you will see some default messages written in the stars.

You can add, remove, or edit messages from the screensaver's configuration screen.

If you do not know how to arrive to the Windows or Mac screensaver list, see the instructions below.

To configure the screensaver on Apple Mac OSX

Go to Apple icon on the top left of the menu bar, and select [System preferences]

Go to [Display] and then [Screen saver]

Select the screensaver from the list of screensavers and press [Settings]

I lost the activation. How do I request a new registration code?

This page contains information for customers that have already bought StarMessage.

If you haven't bought the StarMessage screensaver and you want to purchase it, please buy it now.

If something critical is changed in your computer (e.g. Windows or MacOS system upgrade), the registration information of the screensaver might get lost.

In that case you can email us to request for a fresh activation code.


StarMessage Moon Phase Screensaver

StarMessage is an inspired screensaver that shows the night sky with the moon at its current lunar phase.
It lets you write messages or wishes using the stars of the night sky: the stars move around to form your messages.
Plays calming nature sounds and music, show quotes of wisdom and love and much more.

If you like gazing at the night sky, StarMessage is the screensaver that you must absolutely try.

Image of StarMessage starfield screen saver