Application analytics

Application analytics is the new practice of remotely observing the usage of software applications (software programs) together with information from the end user's computer, like screen resolution, operating system version and language, country, etc.

With application analytics (also called run-time analytics, application statistics) developers of software programs can understand the most needed features, observe the conversion rates of free users to paying customers, remotely log crash reports, and much more.

IOS app analytics: How to monitor the usage of your IOS app for free

SoftMeter provides app analytics to IOS apps

SoftMeter, with its 0.9 version, added support for IOS devices (iPhones and iPads). Now, SoftMeter's compatibility list covers Windows, MacOS and IOS.

Under IOS, the library comes as an IOS framework bundle that you can include in your app's bundle.

The API is simple, so you can add application analytics to your app, in less than one day.

How SoftMeter works

SoftMeter is a small application analytics library for Windows and MacOS, that links together two great software systems:

  1. the free Google Analytics platform, and
  2. your software product.

How does SoftMeter work?

You are probably already using website statistics to see how many visitors you have on your website and how they use your website.

Application analytics dashboard | Free analytics for your Windows or MacOS application

As software developers for desktop software, we monitor how visitors arrive at our website, which pages they visit the most, which are the entry and exit pages. We also measure the number our software was downloaded. And then, after the download, there is silence: We do not know if the user installed the software if he/she keeps using it or he/she abandoned it the next day. We do not know how many active users we have.

Application analytics is the new tool that allows you to look into these matters for the first time.

Checklist: How to become a hero at your software development house

Application analytics is a new practice and still only very few desktop applications use.

It is unique and powerful because it allows you, for the first time, to see beyond the download of your desktop software.

Here is the opportunity: You can become a development hero by implementing this new practice into your software.

Announcement: New version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry. Connect your shareware program with Google Analytics

Version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry (now called SoftMeter) was released.

With SoftMeter you can monitor the usage statistics of your desktop program (Windows, MacOS) and the size of your user base.

SoftMeter has a free edition.

It works with   Google Analytics, which is also free. 

Announcement: See your shareware usage statistics with SoftMeter and Google Analytics

Shareware developers can now monitor the usage of their programs via Google Analytics, in the same way they monitor their website traffic.

This is the announcement of v0.5.2 of SoftMeter (former libAppTelemetry) that brings this capability to indie programmers (Windows, MacOS X).

Checklist: how to add Google analytics to your program

SoftMeter is a software library for Windows, MacOS and IOS that allows software developers to send "pageview", "event", "screenview" and "Exception" hits from their programs to their Google Analytics profile.

With SoftMeter, shareware authors can see the active installations of their programs in the same way they see the visits to their website.

The following checklist will guide you to add SoftMeter's application analytics to your application.

Application Analytics tools (aka application statistics libraries, software usage analytics, run-time analytics)

Comparison of runtime usage analytics for software: Revulytics/Trackerbird, Nalpeiron, Appdynamics, Deskmetrics, Telerik analytics, etc. Or take a free solution to see statistics of your software in Google Analytics.