Usage analytics

Usage analytics for software, also mentioned as application statistics, runtime analytics for desktop software

Announcement: New version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry. Connect your shareware program with Google Analytics

Run time analytics for desktop software

Version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry was released.

With libAppTelemetry you can monitor the usage statistics of your desktop program (Windows, MacOS) and the size of your user base, for free, using Google Analytics.

Can I track more than one shareware program with SoftMeter and Google Analytics?

SoftMeter is a free solution to track the distribution/installations/usage of your software, via Google Analytics.

The SoftMeter library for desktop software sends real-time hits from your desktop software to Google Analytics.

There are two ways to monitor more than one software products via the same Google Analytics property.

Announcement: See your shareware usage statistics with libAppTelemetry and Google Analytics

Shareware developers can now monitor the usage of their programs via Google Analytics, in the same way they monitor their website traffic.

This is the announcement of v0.5.2 of libAppTelemetry that brings this capability to indie programmers (Windows, MacOS X).