SoftMeter - Application analytics for desktop software (Windows, MacOS X)

See beyond the download

  • Number of users?
  • New users per month?
  • Number of uninstalls?
  • Free vs paid installations?
  • OS versions?
  • Screen resolutions?
  • Versions that crash?
  • Unused features?

SoftMeter (former libAppTelemetry) brings run-time statistics (also known as usage analytics, or app analytics) to your desktop software/shareware, in an easy, quick, and free way.

With SoftMeter you can measure your user base, understand what matters most to them, spot problems, and optimise your software.

SoftMeter can be called from your application to send the usage data to Google Analytics. You can then simply log in to your Google Analytics account to monitor the usage of your software, even in real-time.

Operating systems compatibility

  • Windows (XP and later)
  • Apple MacOS
  • Apple IOS (Coming soon)

What's the big deal with application analytics and SoftMeter?

If you do not know what usage analytics are, or you do not know why you must include them in your software, read this article.

In less than a day, with only a small additional file, you can start "listening" to your software's "heartbeat".

SoftMeter answers questions like:

  • How many active users are running my software?
  • How many new users do I have per month?
  • How many users uninstall it per month?
  • In which countries are the most of my users?
  • What is the default language on their computer?
  • Which operating systems and versions do the users have?
  • What screen resolutions do they have?
  • Which are the most and least used features of my program?
  • What percentage of the free users become paying customers?
  • Do users upgrade or they stick with old versions of my software?
  • Do I give too many features in the free version?
  • Are the features of the paid version not enough to justify the cost?
  • What are the conversion percentages? (Downloads -> Installs -> Users of free edition -> Paid active users)
  • Is there an operating system version where my software has many uninstalls? ( indication of a bug)
  • Are there run-time errors during the setup or when my program runs?

Softmeter can be included in:

Who is it for?

Shareware developers, desktop application developers, independent software developers who distribute their programs via the internet and what to know how many users have installed their software, what is the percentage of the free vs the paying users, which application features are used the most. With this information, they can shape their product to better match the expectations and the preferred usage by their customer. This critical information can help the developers deliver more value to the customers by focusing on what is important for them.

Dashboards and reports

Application analytics dashboard with SoftMeter and Google analytics
Application analytics dashboard: instant view to desktop software statistics


active software installations over time
Sample report (in Google analytics) of active installations over time.
You can see the evolvement of your user base and the rate of acquiring new users.
See more examples of runtime analytics reports here.


  • See detailed usage statistics for your software. How many free vs paying users you have, from which countries, which operating systems, etc.
  • Easy preparation of your Google Analytics property: Precompiled command line programs let you test in your Google Analytics profile.
  • Easy integration with your software: Script examples to include the library in your software.
  • Easy integration with your setup package: Script examples to include the library in Inno Setup as 3rd party extension, and Installaware (so you will have detailed statistics about the installations and the uninstalls of your program).
  • No need to create any extra account to start using the library; you only need your existing Google Analytics account.
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SoftMeter - Application analytics for desktop software
See beyond the download: See how users install and use your software.
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I am testing your dll. So far no problems.


Extremely useful to know what happens after my clients have downloaded my software. It helps provide a better service and increase my sales revenue.


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