StarMessage (Moon Phase Screensaver) for Windows and Mac OS

StarMessage is an inspired screensaver that shows the night sky with the moon at its current lunar phase.
It lets you write messages or wishes using the stars of the night sky: the stars move around to form your messages.
Can play calming nature sounds and music, show quotes of wisdom and love and much more. The screensaver is easily installed and uninstalled.

If you like gazing at the night sky, StarMessage is the screensaver that you must absolutely try. Learn more on the Screensaver's homepage.

StarReminder - Tasks reminding utility

StarReminder is a Reminder Scheduling Software that can work as Calendar, Organizer, Planner, Alarm clock and Birthday reminder.

StarReminder frees your mind from the boring task to remember things, dates, deadlines. Download StarReminder and focus on the important and more fun parts of your life.

Advanced scheduling and alert options let you setup even the most complex schedules that you might have in your personal or professional life.

[Learn more on the StarReminder's homepage]
Full version for only $9.95

VersionUpdater utility

A tool for application developers for easy distribution of the updated versions of their programs.

Developers can automate the update of their installed applications simply by creating a ZIP file with all the newer application files.

VersionUpdater will check for updates, download the zip file and extract all the contents in the application's installation directory. No need to create updated setup files or to ask the users to re-install manually over the existing installation.

StarMessage Diary

Every moment of your life is precious.

Save your memories, feelings, thoughts in a easy and absolutely secure diary file.

The powerful encryption makes the diary file password protected. You can also save inside the diary file other private information like bank accounts, PIN codes, medical information, etc.

cpcc - Cross Platform C++ classes

cpcc is a small C++ library for Windows and OSX (more to come).

Amongst others, it contains, classes for portable file system, file path helper, a cross platform screensaver interface, settings class, color, window with drawing functions, self-test class, and others.

[Read more]
Price: $0.00 for opensource projects.
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