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Instructions on how to install screensavers from Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX

How to select a non-Apple screensaver under MacOS Sonoma v14

In MacOS Sonoma v14 the screen savers settings are still under the "System settings" but Apple promoted their screen savers, leaving the 3rd part screensavers under an "Other" category.

To select a non-Apple screensaver for your Mac, go to System settings and on the left menu scroll down until you find the "Screen Saver" item and click on it.

On the right part, click on "Show all".

how to select a screensaver on MacOS Sonoma step 1

Mac Apple store screensavers - Which are the differences from a Mac screen saver?

Mac App store screensavers are different from the native MacOS screensavers.

Quick answer:

Always prefer the native editions of Mac screensavers, downloaded from the developer's website (outside the Mac app store). The Mac app store screensavers are actually applications that emulate the functions of the native screensavers.