StarMessage software Partners, Resellers, Affiliates

The StarMessage affiliate program via MyCommerce/RegNow was ended in 2018.

You can easily and effortlessly resell StarMessage software from your website, blog, facebook, or even your email footer by adding your affiliate link to our software.

You will get your affiliate link from "My commerce". See the instructions below.

MyCommerce software for affiliates

MyCommerce is an established industry leader specialized in the processing of payments for software products.

MyCommerce uses the highest available level of SSL encryption to offer secure online transactions and credit card processing.

Payment options include credit card, fax, phone, money orders or checks.

PAD XML files

StarMessage screensaver for Windows

MyCommerce id: 1476-1

PAD file

... or ...

PAD file from AppVisor

StarMessage screensaver for MAC OSX

PAD file


MyCommerce id: 1476-4

PAD File

SoftMeter - View your shareware usage statistics in Google Analytics

PAD File


MyCommerce id: 1476-5

PAD File

CrcCheckCopy - Folder comparison by CRC

PAD File

libSharewareCpp - cross platform C++ shareware registration library

PAD File

cpcc - cross platform C++ classes

PAD File

Discontinued software

PAD File

Pocket moon phases:
PAD File

Our affiliate program allows you to advertise our software on the internet and earn 30% NET sales commissions. Monthly payments will automatically be sent to your postal address as $US or Euro cheques.

It is very simple. You need to put a special link address (your affiliate internet link address) and write a small text describing the benefits of our software. When a visitor of your site clicks on this link he is transferred in the StarMessage online shop and if he makes a purchase, your commission is automatically recorded by the system. By the end of the month, all commissions are summed and sent to you in a cheque or via a direct deposit to your bank account.

No extra work or worries. All customer care, technical support and correspondence are taken care from StarMessage. You do not need to bother. You just need to place the advertisements and wait for the monthly cheques. See example advertisements in the right column. We recommend you include the image of the virtual box of the software to increase sales.

Affiliate accounts are available through the MyCommerce affiliate service which can joined without any cost from your side.

Frequent questions about the StarMessage affiliate program

What is the StarMessage Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program is a very easy to participate reseller program that allows you to sell our products from your websites, blogs, facebook profiles, even your email signature. Our affiliate program is managed by MyCommerce, a specialist in software affiliate programs. The affiliate program is extremely easy and lucrative! There are no hidden costs and it is free to sign up. You will earn 30% of each sale tracked from your site.

Where do I get more information about the products, promotional texts and graphics, buy and download links?

Through the MyCommerce affiliate control panel.

Who provides the technical support to end users who purchase the software via the Affiliate programs?

Technical support is provided by StarMessage software directly.

How can I ensure that all of my referrals will be accounted for?

MyCommerce will issue your Affiliate ID which is contained in your unique order link. All the marketing material we provide contains this ID and this guarantees that any traffic from your site is tracked so that you are paid for all the referrals who buy anyone of our products.

Can I check my sales figures online?

Yes, via the MyCommerce affiliate control panel.

How are payments handled?

All affiliate sales are tracked using the services of MyCommerce, the leading affiliate network. Once approved you will get a personal account through which you will be able to control all activities. This account will also show you the balances of your commissions and how much is owed to you. We also guarantee reliable and prompt payments. You also choose how and when you get paid: either through check or through wire transfer once or twice a month. You can also decide to get paid every time your commission balance reaches the amount you decide.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy and completely free; click here to sign up now.

After completing the signup, you will be emailed the affiliate account activation instructions. Activate your affiliate account as instructed in this email. You will then be sent login instructions.

Log into your MyCommerce affiliate account. Click the Relationships link on the left, and you will see StarMessage listed as an Active relationship. Please NOTE your affiliate id is given to you in the activation email from MyCommerce. This 5 digit affiliate ID should appear in all the "Order Now" URLs and download URLs that you will put to your webiste. e.g.

I am already a MyCommerce affiliate member. How do I proceed?

If you are already a MyCommerce affiliate, just login to your MyCommerce affiliate control panel, click "Product Finder", use "Name Search" to find our products using their IDs: "1476-1", "1476-4", "1476-5".

Then click "Join Now!". After that, Click on the "Sales Links!" tab, where you will retrieve the order links for your site.

How do I add the StarMessage shareware products in my site (or in my facebook profile, or in my email signature)?

Login to MyCommerce and use the "Get Links" tab to get the "Order Now" URL addresses that you will add into your site for each product.

Those URL addresses already contain your Affiliate ID. When your visitors click on the links and purchase the software (even at a later time) your account will receive the relative commission. You will still get the commission, even if the visitors decide to register the software through a different site (e.g. from the official StarMessage site).

The "Order Now" links give the users the chance to buy the product directly. The "Download Trial" links are to give a trial version to the users to help them see the product before purchasing.