Installation analytics

Application analytics dashboard | Free analytics for your Windows or MacOS application

As software developers for desktop software, we monitor how visitors arrive at our website, which pages they visit the most, which are the entry and exit pages. We also measure the number our software was downloaded. And then, after the download, there is silence: We do not know if the user installed the software if he/she keeps using it or he/she abandoned it the next day. We do not know how many active users we have.

Application analytics is the new tool that allows you to look into these matters for the first time.

Installation analytics for shareware and desktop software applications

Installation analytics is the technique of gathering installation statistics directly from the distributed software installers.

The developers can see even in real-time the stream of installations and uninstalls of their software, understand the impact of their advertising, detect remote problems immediately after the release.

Having installation analytics in your software is essential for your success in this brutally competitive internet.

Checklist: how to add Google analytics to your program

SoftMeter is a software library for Windows, MacOS and IOS that allows software developers to send "pageview", "event", "screenview" and "Exception" hits from their programs to their Google Analytics profile.

With SoftMeter, shareware authors can see the active installations of their programs in the same way they see the visits to their website.

The following checklist will guide you to add SoftMeter's application analytics to your application.