Compare folders / Compare Files

  1. Using CrcCheckCopy, a free tool to compare folders

CrcCheckCopy - How it works

We describe here how to use CrcCheckCopy, to compare folders on Windows and/or Mac using the CRC hash checksum of each file.

Scan phase

Scans the files, calculates their CRC32 hash and saves it together with their file size in a file called CRCstamps.txt.

Assuming that you have downloaded and saved the CrcCheckCopy utility in the current working folder, you can start the scan by the command:

CrcCheckCopy - compare folders by storing the CRC hash of each file

Verify by CRC that your file/folder copies are identical.

CrcCheckCopy is a command-line utility for Windows and MacOS that compares files by CRC hash checksum in local or remote folders/disks/DVDs. The utility records the CRC checksum hashes of each file in an external file. It does not need concurrent access to the two folders.