SoftMeter v1.4.2 brings ARM64 compatibility for MacOS Big Sur and Apple silicon M1 CPU chip

Software Product Analytics with SoftMeter

We have released v1.4.2 of our product analytics library, "SoftMeter"**.

What's new or changed

  • The MacOS edition is now a "fat" binary file, meaning it contains both architectures of Intel x86_64 type of processors and the ARM64 new Apple silicon CPU chip.
    You must download this edition if you want to compile your MacOS software as fat binary file with ARM64 support and be ready for the new generation of Macs and MacBooks.
  • Various internal improvements.

Backwards compatibility

The API functions of v1.4.2 are backwards compatible with v1.4.1. The Operating System compatibility for the MacOS edition has changed the minimum supported MacOS version from 10.7 to 10.9.

To proceed, you can simply replace your SoftMeter library file with the updated version of the file.

Save a copy of the new library file in your project files so you have it ready when you release the next version of your software.

Known issues (both fixed on 2020-11-24)

  • MacOS: Please check if you are affected by this issue under Mavericks v10.9.
  • The MacOS dylib file is marked with the previous (not updated) version number, v1.4.1. However, the getVersion() function of the SoftMeter API returns the correct version number, 1.4.2.

More information

Read more in the changelog.

**What is "SoftMeter"?

SoftMeter is a cross-platform software product analytics tool for Windows, MacOS desktop software and IOS apps.

It is simple to integrate into your software and provides a view of how your customers use your program. Download your free copy to get started.

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