Website VS Mobile App Google Analytics reporting views and the Google measurement protocol

Website vs Mobile App types of reporting views in Google Analytics, and the measurement protocol.

The Google measurement protocol can send PageViews, ScreenViews, Exceptions and Events to your Google Analytics account.

The Google Analytics account is structured in this way:

  • Google Analytics Account ->
    • Properties (e.g. Website A, Website B, Application C, Application D, ..) ->
      • Reporting views (Type "Website" or type "Mobile App").

Below is a comparison table listing the similarities and differences between the two types of reporting views: Website vs Mobile App.

If you are using the Google Measurement protocol, this list will help you chose which types of hits are most appropriate for your reporting needs.

Website type of view Mobile App type of view


  • PageView hits
  • Events hits


  • ScreenView hits
  • Events hits

You can use our free SoftMeter library to send PageViews, ScreenViews and Events to your Google Analytics property, from inside your Windows and Mac OS programs. You can also use our library from your setup package, e.g. Inno Setup, Install Shield, NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System), Advanced Installer, InstallBuilder, CreateInstall, Installaware.

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