New vs existing users

A timeline of active installations, new and existing ones. Use this report to observe if you have a healthy rate of new user acquisition and if you are able to keep your new users.

Explanatory notes:

  • In all SoftMeter reports, the terms "installations" and "users" mean the same thing.
  • The number of "users" includes also the number "new users".

Filter tracked applications

Date range: 
Last 30 days
If you are tracking more than one application in the same Google Analytics propertyID, you can see here the application names that are being tracked. Click on an application row to filter the results for only this application.
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Timeline of new and total installations

Date range: 
Last 12 months
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What to look for in this report:

  • If the line of new users is close to the line of users, this means that new users stop using your software after they install it or try it.
    This could happen if
    • your users expect from your software to do things that it doesn't do;
    • you have aggressive marketing and you bring a lot of downloads of your software, to a wider audience of users compared to the audience which really cares about your software functionalities;
    • you have compatibility problems and the program does not work propertly.
  • The gap between the users (total installations) and the new users (new installations) should be increasing over time, indicating that the number of your active installations is increasing.
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Application versions, being installed and being used

Date range: 
Last 10 days
Versions of new installs
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Versions of all installations
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