As a software developer, do you know which feature of your software your users appreciate the most?

We developed SofMeter, the free in-app analytics tool, to answer questions like that.

With SoftMeter you will see how the users are using your software, discover which features are used the most or least, and understand where you should focus your development efforts to maximize your sales.

Digital River acquired many of the oldest payment processors that were specialized in the software registration services, like ShareIT, RegNow, SWReg, eSellerate, OneNetworkDirect, etc. The vendor's control panel is based on the ShareIT control panel. It is not very user-friendly and it looks like it still runs on a decade-old platform.

Affiliate network

MyCommerce users Radius Impact as the affiliate platform. Some years ago it had its own affiliate network.

The cost to you as a publisher/vendor for access to the Radius by Impact platform, partner Marketplace, and the MyCommerce Affiliate Marketing Support Team will be 2% of sales referred by affiliates/partners. There is NO cost for affiliates/partners to sign up for a Radius by Impact Media Partner account or to promote your products.

Other information

MyCommerce offers localization out of the box—the platform uses IP geolocation, which means you won’t need to set up individual locales to offer the right localized languages and payment methods. When you operate a business without borders, there are country requirements and local buyer preferences. Superior localization capabilities are what set us apart from the newcomers to global e-commerce.

MyCommerce serves as Merchant of Record for your business, safeguarding you against risk.

Subscriptions allow you to lower the barrier to purchase and attract new customers. MyCommerce has been perfecting our subscriptions capabilities for more than 15 years. With features like free trial and product upgrade, you can provide a flexible offering and put monetization strategies into action for new momentum.

Global Tax & Compliance: Every country has a unique set of tax and legal variables and requirements. MyCommerce manages the complexities of international taxes, including VAT, and adhere to current global compliance regulations.

MyCommerce does not have an SDK for in-app purchases or for license check.

7.9%, $0.90 min (Simple plan)
4.9% + $0.90 (Blended plan)
Has marketplace: 


Has affiliate network: 
Has SDK: 
Fund withdraw methods: 
Bank transfer
  • Has affiliate network
  • Affiliates get paid automatically via the system
  • Old platform
  • Difficult to use the control panel
  • Products (software) cannot have options, like operating system, or add-ons. They have one fixed price


The control panel it very old and buggy. It requires a lot of effort, to add and properly configure your software products. You should not expect this to be imporved. It looks like this platform is left to decline and it is still being run because there are developers who continue to use it.
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