Comparing e-commerce providers Paddle + 2checkout + Fastspring

Paddle 2checkout FastSpring
Based in UK The Netherlands, USA, Romania US, San Francisco
Founded 2012 2006 as Avangate 2009
Fees Fees not disclosed on their Website. (5% as mentioned in user reviews) 2SELL: 3.5% + 0.30 EUR, 2SUBSCRIBE: 4.5% + 0.40 EUR, 2MONETIZE: 6.0% + 0.50 EUR 8.9%, min $0.75, 5.9% + $0.95
Has marketplace


Has affiliate network 3rd party ShareASale
Has SDK Yes Yes
Fund withdraw Credit/debit card, Bank transfer

Paddle offers software companies a single platform for the entire software sales process, helping them run and grow their business.

No guesswork for global tax and compliance: Delegate tax, fraud, legal and compliance. Paddle’s platform handles tax and remittance globally. As a reseller, Paddle's compliance becomes your compliance. Paddle fights fraud, chases chargebacks and failed payments and manages reconciliation for you.

Clients can pay with Credit/Debit card, PayPal, ApplePay, Wire transfers.

Software launch guide (three free ebooks):

Does not have its own affiliate network but can connect to other third-party affiliate networks like: Impact Radius, iDevAffiliate, CJ Affiliate, HasOffers, Tapfiliate, WebGains, Voluum, etc.

Paddle SDKs

Paddle License (SDK): Generate licenses specifically for use with your Mac or Windows application using the Paddle SDK.

Paddle’s SDKs offer a convenient way to make use of Paddle’s features within your Mac and Windows desktop apps.


  • Checkout:
    The SDKs make it easy to open checkouts in-app, for a better user experience and a higher conversion rate.

  • Licensing:
    Licensing plus the checkout provides an end to end solution for access control to your apps. Paddle can issue licenses on a purchase and the SDK can activate and validate these.

  • Trial Access:
    You can offer trials to your users prior to purchasing, allowing them to try your software over a period of days that you define

Sell any product or service, digital or physical.

Sell subscriptions without headaches

With 2Checkout's 2Sell package, you can also sell subscriptions with no worries about recurring billing. The Account Updater services are on stand-by to recover potentially lost revenue and boost your bottom line. For advanced subscriptions capabilities, check out 2Subscribe and 2Monetize.

Shopping experience:

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Branded to Match Your Website
  • Localized Checkout
  • 29 Languages
  • 100 Currencies

Also offers:

  • 2Convert for increased conversion rates
  • 2Bill for complex subscription management
  • 2Service for premium services and dedicated support

You can withdraw funds via:

  • Wire Transfer – requires bank information such as bank name, city, currency and bank account number
  • Electronic Funds Transfer – requires bank information such as bank name, city, currency, IBAN, Swift and Bank routing number
  • PayPal – requires a payout currency and PayPal address
  • Payoneer – requires a payout currency and a Payoneer ID.

Selling software online is challenging. That’s why software companies around the world partner with FastSpring’s full-service e-commerce platform.

Global Taxes + Financial Services

Improve the customer experience and expand your global footprint while we manage tax collection and reporting for your online store—including VAT.

Risk Management + Compliance

Reduce chargebacks with our 15-factor fraud detection algorithm, and automatically stay-up-to-date on all global compliance on regulations like GDPR, PCI DSS, and more.

Dynamic Currencies, Languages, and Taxes

Create localized shopping experiences by automatically displaying accurate currencies, languages, and taxes for global audiences.

Clients can pay with Credit/Debit card, PayPal.


FastSpring’s Embedded Store SDKs (Software Development Kits) provide lightweight frameworks for embedding the functionality of your web store right into Mac or Windows desktop applications, enabling in-app purchasing by your customers. The SDKs include functionality to capture post purchase delivery information, such as licenses, enabling the application to automatically activate itself after successful purchase. Each SDK contains full source code, test applications, examples, and documentation.

  • Accepts PayPal, Credit/Debit card, Wire transfers.
  • Has SDK for in-app purchases and licensing.
  • In 2017 Paddle acquired DevMate, an all inclusive development and distribution assistance platform for Mac developers.
  • Integrate with Any of 120+ Carts

  • You can withdraw your funds either via wire transfer or a Mastercard debit card issued by

  • Has affiliate program.
  • Has in-App Purchases and licensing SDK for Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS.
  • The Paddle fees are calculated on the final price (including VAT), not on the net price.
  • Paddle takes an additional 5% (calculated against the remaining amount) when the sale is a sale by an affiliate.