As a software developer, do you know which feature of your software your users appreciate the most?

We developed SofMeter, the free in-app analytics tool, to answer questions like that.

With SoftMeter you will see how the users are using your software, discover which features are used the most or least, and understand where you should focus your development efforts to maximize your sales.

Take the uncertainty out of selling in international markets. We’ll correctly calculate, collect and remit all required local taxes on your behalf while ensuring compliance with global legislation for data privacy and security – such as the EU’s GDPR.

Manage all aspects of your subscription program.

Effortlessly manage plans and pricing, promotions, automated or manual renewal processes, and free trials and freemium offers – plus all of your customers’ preferred languages, currencies and payment methods.

Provide the localized experience that your customers expect.

Our platform addresses regional differences, calculates applicable taxes and lets you define market-specific pricing. Using GeoIP technology, we automatically display content based on location, providing the optimal online experience for each customer.


Generally, the company’s fee structure is based on a percentage of transaction amounts. However, cleverbridge also considers sales volume, average order value, and other factors.

Interested parties may contact cleverbridge’s sales team to request a customized quote based on their specific business requirements.

Fees not disclosed on their Website
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  • Has an API that you can query from your application to check if your client's subscription is active or expired.
  • CleverBridge is based in Germany, but has customer support centers in US, UK, Japan and Germany.
  • Has affiliate program.

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