CrcCheckCopy - Privacy, personal data and telemetry

Privacy and personal data when using this utility

You can download and use our CrcCheckCopy utility software without any kind of registration with us. Therefore your personal data are not known to us.

Telemetry and application analytics

CrcCheckCopy uses optional telemetry functionality. With the telemetry data we can:

  • get statistics on the usage of the program so we know if it is useful and we should continue to improve and support it,
  • fix problems and crashes, and
  • improve the features of the program.

So, please enable the telemetry when asked during the first run. Your choice will be stored in an INI file so you are not asked again at the next runs.

  • On MacOS, the ini file is at ~/Library/Preferences/CrcCheckCopy.ini.
  • On Windows, the ini file is at %appdata%\StarMessage software\CrcCheckCopy.ini

You can change your decision at any time, by running CrcCheckCopy with the parameter "/t".

The telemetry is based on our "SoftMeter" product analytics and the data collected are listed here.

Examples of data included in the telemetry Examples of data NOT included in the telemetry
  • Operating system and version
  • Screen resolution
  • OS language
  • City, country (approximate)
  • Your IP address
  • Your username
  • The filenames of the scanned files
  • The contents of the files

The telemetry sends data only when the computer is connected to the internet. If the computer is not connected to the internet the data are simply discarded.