2018 moon phases bug just hit our moon screensaver [fixed by v5.7.0]

Moon phase calculation

Yes, it can happen even to the best families; our StarMessage screensaver was hit today by a bug in the algorithm responsible for the 2018 moon phases calculation.

While approaching 2018, our algorithm decided to show its age by behaving irrationally and crashing the screensaver.

We hunted the bug and have fixed it. We are now preparing to release a new version 5.7 of the screensaver that does not have this bug.

The Windows version will be online first, the standalone Mac version will follow, and finally the Apple Store version.

Accept our apologies for this bug and please upgrade (for free) to the latest version.


The new version 5.7 fixing the moon phases calculation for 2018 is released and available for Windows, MacOS and the Apple Store screensavers. All users can upgrade the screensaver now.

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