Macbook screensaver: StarMessage for MacOS

Your MacBook (or Mac) comes with a few built-in Apple screensavers. If you use a Macbook screensaver, why not having a bigger variety of MacOS screensavers to choose from?

When choosing a screensaver for your Mac/Macbook make sure that:

  • It is small enough so that it does not load your system
  • It does not require much computing power so it can run without "stealing" compute time for the main tasks your Mac/Macbook is performing. One way to ensure this is if the screensaver can run on old versions of MacOS. For example our StarMessage screensaver runs on 2010 old Macbooks.
  • It is easily installed and uninstalled

Where can you get some Macbook screensavers from?

1) Macbook screensaver from the Mac app store?

You will notice that the Mac app store has very few screensavers.

This is because the Mac app store screensavers are not "native" MacOS screensavers; they are applications that try to behave like screensavers.

MacOS "real" screensavers appear under the System Preferences, under Desktop and screen savers; not under the Applications folder as with the case of screensavers from the Mac app store.

Macbook screensaver: StarMessage

Read this article for the differences of Mac app store screensavers and native screen savers.

For these reasons, the Mac app store is not the place to find screensavers for your Mac/Macbook.

2) Macbook screensavers directly from their developers.

To add more screensavers to your Macbook, iMac, Mac mini, you should download them from their makers, the developers who built them.

The Mac gatekeeper does a good job to filter out the non-trusted developers so you can be sure that the download of the screensaver does not contain viruses.

To find the screensavers type an internet search like "Mac screensaver" + <the feature you are interested in>

E.g. Mac screensaver moon.

Make sure you are visiting the developer's website, and download and install the screensaver.

You can see here how to configure the Mac screensaver.

Finally, let us introduce our StarMessage screensaver for MacOS, a Macbook screensaver that does not just create beautiful graphics on your computer screen, but tries to create beautiful feelings in your heart and inspire your mind.

Since you are already here, why don't you download the lite (free) edition?

I want my free copy of this screensaver


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