Why isn’t my Windows screensaver starting automatically?

You have to configure your PC to start the screensaver automatically after some minutes of inactivity. (no keyboard hits, no mouse movements)

1) Select the active screensaver:
You computer has more than one screensaver installed. You can easily change the one you want to use:
[START] (the start button of windows)
-> [Settings] (*)
-> [Control panel]
-> [Display]
-> [Screen saver]

(*) The "settings" option exists in some windows versions

In the "Screen saver" drop down list you see all the installed screen savers and you can select the one you prefer to use. (it should show "StarMessage" if you are using StarMessage you have installed it).

2) Define the period of inactivity
The "wait" parameter specifies the the time-out, that will automatically start the screensaver.
A typical value is 5 minutes. This means that if you leave your computer alone for 5 minutes, the screensaver will automatically appear.

3) You might need to configure also the power options

The power settings of your computer define when your monitor will automatically turn off.

This time out should be more that the time out that starts the screensaver.

Otherwise, the screensaver will start when your monitor is in low power mode (black)

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