MacOS Catalina screensaver fix (v5.8.3)

When StarMessage screensaver was run under MacOS Catalina, the moon image and the moon phase texts appeared in a very small size. This was exactly the size used in the small preview window under the System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver.

MacOS Catalina screensaver preview

After examining this issue, it seems that MacOS Catalina is always starting the screensaver with the "isPreview" parameter, indicating that everything should be drawn in size small enough to fit the preview window. This is a quite unexpected change ("a bug") in the MacOS screensaver's API and other MacOS screensavers were also affected by it.

We provided a change from the screensaver's side to ignore this MacOS screensaver parameter and actively decide if this is a small preview or not by examining the size of the window.

After solving this issue we released version 5.8.3 of our MacOS screensaver's to make the screensaver compatible with Catalina.

When you upgrade to Catalina, please also upgrade to the latest version of StarMessage so that you can continue to enjoy our screensaver with the new MacOS.

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