How can I exclude from Google Analytics my own usage statistics generated by my desktop program?

Developers who use our usage statistics library (SoftMeter) in their desktop programs have several ways to exclude their own traffic from the Google Analytics reporting.

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1. Use the analytics opt-out switch that you should have implemented in your desktop application.


Can be switched ON/OFF at any time.

When switched OFF, nothing is sent to Google Analytics. If for some reason you will want to see your ommited traffic, there is no way to do so. If this matters to you see solution #3 below. Example of telemetry consent from the StarMessage screensaver
Example of the telemetry consent switch of the StarMessage screensaver.
2. In Google analytics exclude your IP.   Your IP might change some time in the future and this change might pass unnoticed. Your own usage statistics will start being counted in the total statistics without you knowing.

Done in Google Analytics. If you run your program on different computers and/or different locations you will probably need to exclude multiple IPs.

Google Analytics reminder to exclude own traffic.
Google Analytics reminder to exclude your own traffic.

3. In Google analytics create a segment that excludes your UserID. You can switch at any time from the filtered to the non-filtered segment to see past statistics including or excluding your own traffic.  

SoftMeter creates an anonymised UserID. You can find your UserID by running your program, going to a rarely used screen of your program and observing the real-time usage statistics on Google Analytics.
The userID that visited that program screen is probably your UserID.
Create a segment that excludes this UserID.


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