SoftMeter Features - app usage analytics tool

SoftMeter is the fast and easy solution for your software's usage statistics

SoftMeter works with Google Analytics and can be considered as "Google Analytics for desktop software".

Main features

  • Sends your application's usage data to your Google Analytics 4 property.
  • Small footprint, less than 400 Kb.
  • No dependencies on other libraries or runtime environments (e.g. VC redistributable, .NETframework, etc). The DLL (on Windows), the .dylib (on MacOS) and the softmeter framework (on IOS) are all you need to include in your software.
  • Simple API.
  • Easy linking with your Mac/Windows desktop software. Can be easily used by any program that can call a .dll library (Windows) or a .dylib library (MacOS X).
  • No sign-up needed to download the library and start using it.
  • You can rename the filename of the library (.dll or .dylib) to a filename that matches your application's name.
  • Inno Setup and Installaware compatible: monitor the installations and uninstalls of your software
  • Remote reporting and monitoring of application crashes and application exceptions.
  • Built with C++ so that it is easily portable to different operating systems (cross-platform feature).
    Uses the native OS connectivity structures, e.g. winhttp, NSURLConnection, etc to achieve a small footprint, OS compatibility, and optimised performance.
  • Free and paid editions.
    The cost of the reporting platform is zero.

Known technical limitations

  • Currently, in case there is no internet connectivity, the library will not cache the statistics.
    Data are being sent only when there is an internet connection.
    SoftMeter first checks for internet connectivity and then posts the statistics to your Google Analytics account or to your Matomo installation.