SoftMeter Pricing

Comparison of the Free vs Pro editions of SoftMeter product analytics

Please note: The change of Google Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 has an impact on some reporting features.

  Free edition Pro subscription Pro perpetual Source code license
Who is it for?
Opensource developers    
Indie developers    
Software companies    
Companies with multiple software titles    
Companies who want complete control over the used code      
Companies who want to statically compile the source code into their software instead of dynamically linking to a library. Having the SoftMeter source code as part of your source code can also reduce the declarations for Encryption Export Regulations in case they are needed for your software. This means that you will probably not need an extra declaration for SoftMeter and you are covered by the Export declaration for your software.      
Implementation and maintenance tasks
License terms specific to the edition See "Free" section See "Pro subscription" section See "Pro perpetual" section See "Source code" section
SoftMeter API functions The SoftMeter API functions are the same for all editions.
SoftMeter implementation The implementation is the same for all editions.
Updates of SoftMeter You can update to any new release.  
Via Github issues
Via email
Via priority email  
Via remote desktop      
"Call home" connections
Sends "call home" hits to StarMessage's GA account      
Queries the SoftMeter license server      
Types and limits of hits (Hits are the calls to the Google Analytics or Matomo tracking server)
Hits number limit per session (per program run). 2 250 500 500
Hits burst limit n/a 10 10 10
Hits replenish rate (per sec) n/a 2 2 2
See also the Google Analytics limits for the free GA accounts.        
Data defined by the application (your software)
Application name, version, license, edition
Page title and page URL
Screen name
Event action, label and value  
Crash or exception description  
Custom dimension index and value (since v1.4)  
Data automatically collected by SoftMeter
Anonymised user ID
Sessions (runs) per user
Country, city (estimated)
Screen resolution  
Operating system version  
User's preferred language  
Number of CPU cores (since v1.4)  
CPU model (since v1.4)  
Total RAM memory (since v1.4)  
Free RAM memory (since v1.4)  
Real-time application usage dashboards
Data history of application usage reports No limits imposed by SoftMeter.
(Data history is the same as the Google Analytics data retention)
  Free edition Pro subscription Pro perpetual Source code license
Pricing: We offer free and low-cost editions so that even independent developers can afford to buy SoftMeter and employ in-app analytics in their software.
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119 USD/year.

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995 USD.

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One time fee
+optional 10% annual maintenance fee.

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  • When ordering you must specify your Google Analytics 4 measurement ID. Your license will be linked to that measurement ID.
  • The activation of the perpetual Pro license is done with a PIN code that you will use when calling the library.
  • The activation of the Pro subscription is done via our license servers.
    You will get a subscription ID to enable your PRO license when calling the library.
    At the computers of your end-users, your PRO subscription will be activated typically in 24 hours.