SoftMeter Pricing

Free vs Pro comparison

Features, limitations and pricing might change over time, without prior notice.

  Free edition Pro subscription Pro perpetual
SoftMeter API The SoftMeter API is the same for all editions.
Application analytics implementation The implementation is the same for all editions.
License activation You can download the library, link it with your software, publish your software and start seeing the usage statistics of your application.
No registration is needed.
You will get a subscription ID to enable your PRO license when calling the library.
At the computers of your end users, your PRO subscription will be activated typically in 24 hours.
An online license check against our licensing server is periodically performed.
You will get a PIN code to enable your PRO license when calling the library.
There are no calls to our licensing server.
"Call home" hits Yes.
Sends "call home" hits to StarMessage's Google Analytics property
Sends hits only to your (the developer's) Google Analytics property.
Supported Google Analytics hit types
  • PageViews
  • ScreenViews
  • PageViews
  • ScreenViews
  • Events
  • Crashes/Exceptions
Hits number limit per session (per program run) 3 300
Common reported data 
  • Anonymised user ID
  • Sessions (runs) per user
  • Estimated country and city
  • Application name, version, license, edition
Additional data -
  • Screen resolution
  • Operating system version
  • User's preferred language
Real time application usage dashboards Yes
Data history of application usage reports No limits imposed by SoftMeter.
(Data history is the same as the Google Analytics data retention)
License terms specific to the edition See "Free" section See "Pro subscription" section See "Pro perpetual" section
We offer free and low-cost editions so that even independent developers can afford to buy SoftMeter and employ in-app analytics in their software.

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  • When ordering the Pro edition you must specify your Google Analytics account number (the 'xxxxxx' part described below).
  • Format of Google Analytics property ID:
    UA-xxxxxx-y is the complete Google Analytics property ID.
    xxxxxx is the Google Analytics account number. The license covers this number and all 
    Properties beneath it.
    y is the Google Analytics Property number (you can have up to 20 properties under one account).