Google Analytics as the reporting platform for SoftMeter

SoftMeter uses Google Analytics as its reporting platform. This design choice brings some immediate benefits for you:
  • Provides both historical and real-time reports.
  • Reliable and high availability platform.
  • Free: you do not have to pay for platform maintenance costs.
  • A platform that you probably already know, if you are using it to monitor the usage statistics of your website.

Statistical figures provided:

  • number of active users (real-time, up to 30 minutes back)
  • daily/monthly/yearly number of existing users and new users
  • average number of windows/forms that users open
  • average usage time
  • the preferred language on the user's computer
  • countries
  • screen resolution
  • OS versions, and architecture (32/64 bit)
  • Users' path in the application, e.g.
    main screen -> address book -> create new contact
    main screen -> configuration -> main screen -> Exit
  • custom events sent from your program
  • application crashes
  • versions of your application

See some screenshots of reporting examples here.

Viewing, customising or creating reports in Google Analytics

You have three choices when selecting which reports are useful to you. You can use one, two or all three choices.

  • 1. Out of the box:
    You can use the ready reports of Google Analytics as they are organised on the left menu of the platform.
  • 2. Custom reports:
    You can create your own custom reports or dashboards to fine tune the key metrics that are important for the monitoring of your software.
  • 3. Import ready templates:
    You can import SoftMeter's dashboards and report templates from the GA solutions gallery. (See below)
  • 4. Ready preconfigured reports (New):
    We are building pre-configured usage analytics reports (beta) that you can use immediately to observe critical metrics of the usage of your software. Just log-in to your GA account and the reports will be populated with your software's usage analytics data.
  • 5. Build you own usage statistics reports in excel (or other spreadsheet program):
    You can use these excel add-ons that connect to your GA account and import the statistical data directly into your spreadsheet. You can then do your own combinations of data and make you own custom graphs and reports.

Ready templates

In order to save you from the effort to create your own custom application usage reports, we are sharing with you our ready dashboard and report templates. You can import these templates into your own Google Analytics account.

Dashboard template

Application analytics dashboard

SoftMeter, application analytics dashboard

Application analytics dashboard showing key metrics of the distribution and usage of your software.

[Read more] [Import the dashboard]

Custom report templates

installs of software report

Installs vs uninstalls of desktop software

Report with multiple tabs showing installs and uninstalls your software, installs per OS version, installs per application version.

[Read more] [Import the report]

installs of software report

Timeline of users (active installations)

Shows a timeline with the active users and the new users. New users are new installations of your software.

[Read more] [Import the report]

installs of software report

Active installations of your software (totals)

Shows the total active installation for your software application for a period of time.

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