SoftMeter - Developer's license agreement and sample EULA

1) SoftMeter - Developer's license agreement

Read the SoftMeter license that you accept by embedding SoftMeter in your software.

Notes related to the license terms

  • Reminder for the format of Google Analytics property ID:
    UA-xxxxxx-y is the complete Google Analytics property ID.
    xxxxxx is the Google Analytics account number. The license covers this number and all 
    Properties beneath it.
    y is the Google Analytics Property number (you can have up to 20 properties under one account).

2) Google measurement protocol

Read the Google Measurement Protocol rules that you must also comply with.

3) Sample EULA for the telemetry library and the collection of data

In your software's EULA, you must include the telemetry related EULA clauses.

Download this sample telemetry consent EULA that you can use as a template to write your own.