Checklist: How to become a hero at your software development house

Application analytics is a new practice and still only very few desktop applications use.

It is unique and powerful because it allows you, for the first time, to see beyond the download of your desktop software.

Here is the opportunity: You can become a development hero by implementing this new practice into your software.

We prepared a checklist that guides you through all the cycle of implementing application analytics (for free) to your desktop software.

If you start today, you can, by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, see what happens to your software after it is downloaded from your website, get reports on how many users you have, from which countries, their operating systems, and be able to understand how users use your software.

With this new knowledge, you will be able to improve your software, in the way your users will appreciate the most, and convert more free users into paying customers.

The tasks include the time needed for every step, so you can estimate your total effort.

Click here for the most updated version of the checklist.

How to add application analytics - checklist

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