libAppTelemetry is now called SoftMeter (v0.5.7 released)

We renamed our desktop software analytics library from libAppTelemetry to SoftMeter.

You will see the new name in the release v0.5.7.

SoftMeter is a free software library that you can use in your setup package and/or your software application to monitor via Google Analytics the usage of your software (number of active users, rate of installation and removals, countries of users, screen resolutions, prefered languages, etc).

Important points:

  • The SDK API remains the same.
  • The API functions' prefix "lat" is removed. latInit() became start() and latFree() became stop().
  • For compatibility reasons the old names of the functions remain as aliases inside the DLL and DYLIB.
    For example, you can call the function either by its new name "start()" or by the deprecated name "latInit()".
    The retained old names allow you to use the new version of the library without changing your existing code.
  • The filenames of the library changed to "libSoftMeter.dll" and "libSoftMeter.dylib".
    If you do not want to change your code, you can rename the the new files to their old filenames, "libAppTelemetry.dll" and "libAppTelemetry.dylib" and simply replace the previous version of the distributed library.
Deprecated function name
(retained for compatibility reasons)
New function name
latInit() start()
latFree() stop()
latGetVersion(void) getVersion()
latGetLogFilename() getLogFilename()
latEnableLogfile() enableLogfile()
latDisableLogfile() disableLogfile()
latSendPageview() sendPageview()
latSendScreenview() sendScreenview()
latSendEvent() sendEvent()
latSendException() sendException()
old filename new filename
(can be renamed to the old filename)
libAppTelemetry.dll libSoftMeter.dll
libAppTelemetry64bit.dll libSoftMeter64bit.dll
libAppTelemetry.dylib libSoftMeter.dylib


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