Pre-configured dashboards for application usage analytics

There are multiple reporting options with SotMeter.

But if you are looking for a quick start, with zero setup and configuration effort from you, read on:

We prepared several preconfigured dashboards for your application usage analytics that you can immediatelly use as soon as you release your software with our SoftMeter application analytics library.

The dashboards will show you key metrics of how users around the world use your program.

To see the data, you need to login directly to Google Analytics and the data will flow directly from GA in to your browser. While these dashboard reports are hosted on our website, your privacy is ensured as we cannot see your data or your login credentials.

If you have implemented SoftMeter into your application you can now visit our preconfigured dashboards to see how your software is performing.

Example of one of the ready applicatio analytics dashboards

Application usage analytics dashboard reports


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