See beyond the download: SoftMeter v0.6.3 released

SoftMeter v0.6.3 was released.

If you are already using SoftMeter to monitor your application usage, please upgrade. The API remains the same so the upgrade is simply a replacement of the library file (DLL in Windows, dylib in MacOS).

If you are not using SoftMeter, read on.

See beyond the download.

Number of users?
New users per month?
Number of uninstalls?
Free vs paid installations?
OS versions, screen resolutions?
Versions that crash?
Unused features?

SoftMeter brings run-time statistics (also known as usage analytics, or app analytics) to your desktop software/shareware, in an easy, quick, and free way.

  • If you are distributing your software's free edition via the internet, wouldn't you want to see how many free users you have and now they use your software?
  • If you are building commissioned custom software wouldn't you want to beat your competition by providing not only the requested functionalities, but also the ability for your client to monitor the usage of their software?

Go to the SoftMeter website to read how you can benefit from it.

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