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What is SoftMeter?

SoftMeter application analytics and statisticsQuick answer:

SoftMeter is "Google Analytics for desktop applications".

Longer answer:

Google Analytics (GA) is the most popular website statistics tool. It shows statistics about the visitors to your website. GA can also track Firebase mobile apps.

SoftMeter is a very small software library that extends the coverage of GA to include desktop applications (Windows and MacOS), and mobile apps (IOS iPhone and iPad).

By including SoftMeter in your software you will be able to see how users around the world use your application, just like you monitor visitors' traffic on your website.

Version 0.6.2 of SoftMeter, our application analytics library was released.

All developers are asked to upgrade to this version.

There are no API changes, so the "upgrade" is a simple replacement of the previous DLL or dylib by the new one.

Changes in v0.6.2:

  • User preferred language was not always correct under Windows.
  • Internal improvements.
  • __stdcall example call (Windows DLL only)
    cpp-demo-main.cpp now contains an example of calling the __stdcall version of an API function.
    Reminder: Since v0.6.1 the DLL contains both the __stdcall and the __cdecl versions of all the API functions, so you can call the most appropriate for your development tool.
  • Call-home PIN switch (Pro edition).
    When you buy the Pro edition, you will get a PIN code that you will use while calling the API, and the library will unlock its Pro features.

See on GitHub the full version history (ChangeLog).

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