SoftMeter v0.9 adds IOS App analytics for free

SoftMeter v0.9 was released just before Christmas.

This version adds support for IOS apps. You can monitor the usage of your IOS app via google analytics for free. An IOS example is posted so you can start easily.

If you develop a cross-platform application, SoftMeter will allow you to track all its editions (IOS, MacOS and Windows) by reusing the same source code and see the tracking results on a single platform.

The 0.9 version also adds the capability to do online license checks (PRO vs FREE). This means that if you have a SoftMeter PRO subscription, you can activate as PRO not only your (future) new releases but also your (past) existing installations.

There are no API changes in this version. Developers who use a previous version can upgrade simply by switching the dll/dylib library with the new file version.

For more details on this version see the Change log.


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