Google analytics for desktop applications (free)

How to get Google analytics for desktop applications - the quick and free way

You have a desktop software application for Windows or MacOS that you distribute it to users either for free and/or as a paid edition.

As the author of the software (or the person who markets it and wants to make a profit out of it), you want to see more information than the standard download count and the orders received.

You want to see how many users still run your program, their countries, their screen resolutions and operating systems, which features of your program they use the most, how many uninstall it. You want to know how the users use your software.

To answer these questions, we developed SoftMeter, a tiny library in the form of DLL for Windows and dylib for MacOS that connects your desktop application software to Google Analytics.

SoftMeter will collect automatically all the parameters from the computer, like screen resolution, preferred language, country, etc and send them together with your program-related hits to Google Analytics.

The hit types can be any combination of pageViews, screenViews, events, exceptions.

SoftMeter has free and paid editions.

It is easy to integrate into your desktop software application and your installation software. There are source code examples for C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, InnoSetup, Installaware, etc.

Within the same day, you enable application analytics to your software and start seeing how your users operate your software.

Google analytics for desktop applications - sample report
Google analytics for desktop applications - sample report of active users per day

With more than 150000 new installations per month, you can be sure that SoftMeter is heavily tested under real conditions and delivers valuable insights to the software authors.

How SoftMeter works with Google Analytics

SoftMeter has Google Analytics as the reporting platform. It works in the same way as in the case of website statistics.

app analytics via google analytics

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