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Making SoftMeter, feels like playing music.

Happiness should be shared with others.

If you are happy with SoftMeter, don't forget to share some of your happiness with us.

Use one of the donation options below. Any amount is important.

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Donors of $100 and more will be listed here with their logo, slogan and website (if they wish so, of course).

Donations vs Pro license

How is the donation different from the SoftMeter Pro license? 

The cost of the SoftMeter Pro license is kept low so that any independent developer can afford it. SoftMeter was built with the independent developer (like us) in mind. But this small amount will not make this project profitable.

This is why the donation options were introduced.

  1. With the donation options, we allow the enterprises (for which the annual license is an almost negligible cost) to support the development of SoftMeter, creating at the same time a stronger relationship with StarMessage software.
  2. The donation options allow an independent developer who does not yet want a PRO license, to donate a small amount to SoftMeter.
  3. Frequently, we add features requested by specific developers. We normally do not charge for those. A donation can serve as a "Thank you" gesture.
  4. Finally, donations create good karma, something that only a few know, but everyone needs.

So, just hit the Donate button and give yourself the feeling of doing something good.

Thank you!