Announcement: New version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry. Connect your shareware program with Google Analytics

Version 0.5.3 of libAppTelemetry (now called SoftMeter) was released.

With SoftMeter you can monitor the usage statistics of your desktop program (Windows, MacOS) and the size of your user base.

SoftMeter has a free edition.

It works with   Google Analytics, which is also free. 

A quick reminder about the two types of reporting views under Google Analytics:


What's new in v0.5.3:

  1. We added the ScreenView hits of the Google measurement protocol. Until now the library had only PageView and Event hits and you could watch the statistics from a "Website" type of Google reporting views.
    With the new ScreenView hits you can now use Google's "Mobile App" type of reporting views to see the usage statistics of your software in a better-organised set of reports.
    Read here how you can How to create and test a Mobile App reporting view in Google Analytics.
  2. Functions were slightly renamed. See the function names in the SDK API page

Download the latest version and demos and start monitoring the usage of your shareware/distributed software for free.

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