Announcement: See your shareware usage statistics with SoftMeter and Google Analytics

After having used a couple of commercially available application telemetry (aka runtime analytics) solutions, I decided to create my own library that would send my application’s statistics directly to Google Analytics.

The idea was for a zero or low-cost solution that would benefit from the free Google Analytics platform and would allow the developers to see their application’s usage in the same way they look at their website traffic.

While I created this library for my own use in my shareware programs, I am giving it also to anyone interested.


  • zero or almost zero cost
  • (re)usage of the Google Analytics platform (most shareware developers already have a free account with Google Analytics)
  • small footprint
  • no need to create separate threads for the library calls. The library sends the requests asynchronously using the native functionality of the underlying platform (MacOS in this case).
  • compiled console demos to send test traffic to your Google Analytics property
  • ready source code examples in C++, Delphi/Pascal
  • cross-platform (MacOS X + MS Windows)
  • (a lot of) free support. The library is brand new, so I am here to help you link it with your program. Feedback and improvement suggestions are also welcome.


You can send you feedback by email or via the comments section, below.

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