How to buy the full version of the screensaver

StarMessage is a gift you should buy
to anyone important in your life,
starting with yourself.

Differences between the paid and the free/lite screensaver edition

  Commercial (paid) edition
[Buy now]
Free/lite edition
Famous quotes Unlimited Limited number of quotes
"Please buy me" nags No Yes, after 10 days
Number of messages you can write in the stars Unlimited 2

The price is kept low so that anyone wishing to buy it, can buy it.

The price is a one-time fee. Unlike other products, there are no monthly or annual fees.

After processing your payment you will receive an email with your activation code that you can enter into the free edition to convert it to a full edition.

The processing is a manual process so please allow a few hours for it to complete. Typically, the activation codes are sent within 12 hours after ordering.

Version 5 of the screensaver is completely re-written for both Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOS.

New customers: Buy the latest version of StarMessage

Buy the screensaver for Microsoft Windows
for only $9.95
Logo Windows 10 screensavers

Buy the screen saver for MacOS
for only $9.95
Logo Macos screensaver

Existing customers of Windows version 4 (or older) can upgrade to version 5 with a 50% discount (on an already low price).
It is also a good opportunity to support the person behind the screensaver that you have enjoyed for so many years. 

Existing customers: Upgrade/switch from an older version of StarMessage

Upgrade to version 5 for Microsoft Windows
for only $4.95
You can see the benefits of upgrading to v5 here.
Logo Windows 10 screensavers

Switch to version 5 for MacOS
for only $4.95
Logo Macos screensaver

StarMessage costs only a small one-time fee. We see some of our longtime users, buying again the screensaver as an acknowledgement of its high value offered at a minimum cost.

If you are one of our longtime users, please consider making a small donation.

Longtime users: please support this work with a small donation.

Any amount is important!