MacOS 10.14 Mojave, screensaver problem, solved!

It happened that the StarMessage screensaver had a problem under the new Mojave MacOS version. Due to a change in the operating system's screensaver framework, StarMessage lost its ability to draw on the screen. Many other screensavers for MacOS were also affected in the same way.

Our Apple store screensaver edition, however, did not have this problem.

Today, we released v5.7.8 of our Mac screensaver that fixes the MacOS Mojave problem, so you can continue to enjoy StarMessage when you finally upgrade your Mac or MacBook to Mojave.

Please download the new Mac screensaver version to upgrade your installation.

Image copyright, Apple.


Well, it seems some Mojave screensaver problems still exist.

The Quotes, the digital clock and the scrolling bottom line of the screensaver do not appear under MacOS Mojave.

We will soon fix this and release a new version.

The .app edition of the screensaver on the Apple Store does not have this problem.

As promised, the issue was fixed and you can download the new version 5.7.9 to enjoy the screensaver under Mojave.

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