Which are the differences of StarMessage versions 4.xx and 5.xx

Version 5 is a completely re-written version of the screensaver to make it "cross platform". StarMessage is now compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOS.

Versions 4 and prior were Windows-only versions.

This table summarizes only the differences between versions 4 and 5.

  Versions 4.xx and earlier
for Windows
Versions 5.xx
for Windows
Versions 5.xx
for Mac OS X
Wallpaper changer Yes - -
Play custom sounds Yes - -
Countdown to a date Yes - -
This is day X of your life Yes - -
Famous quotes Yes Yes, with more quotes
Ability to select multiple categories
Yes, with more quotes
Ability to select multiple categories
Add your own quotes
Prevent the computer from going to sleep - Yes Yes
Multiple monitor support Yes In progress Yes
Selectable moon image sizes - Yes Yes
Development Stopped Active Active

If you have bought version 4 you can upgrade to version 5 at a 50% reduced price, only $4.95. Please do so in order to support us.

Yes, I want to upgrade.

Below is a description of the features that are only in the version (Windows only) v4.21 of the screensaver.

Based on the requests from the users (like you) these features will also be gradually implemented in the new (Mac + WIndows) versions v5.xx.

Desktop wallpaper changer
Can be used as an automatic wallpaper changer for your computer desktop. You select a folder with the wallpaper images you want to use and the screensaver will pick one for you every time it starts.
Count down timer
Interested in counting down to XMAS or your birthday party? The screensaver has a count down timer for your important upcoming dates.
This is day X of your life
Inspired by the movie "The Truman Show", you can put your birthday and the screen saver will show you which day of your life you are living today.
It will motivate you to do the most out of your every day, separate the important from the unimportant, live in the positive side of things and ignore the negatives.
Image from truman show: counter of the days of his life
The day counter in the movie
  screenshot of counting the days of your life
    Windows: The day counter in the screensaver (click to enlarge)

You can send an email or vote which feature should be implemented first.

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Looking forward to see the "day of your life counter" to version 5.

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