Windows screensaver screenshots: StarMessage

Screenshots of the Windows screensaver edition of StarMessage

StarMessage is a serene Windows screensaver. It has a lite (free) edition that you can download without registration, without any obligation.

Below you can see the screenshots of this screensaver so you know what to expect. 

You can also see here a full description of StarMessage's many features, or read the user testimonials/reviews.


Windows display preferences, where you can select and configure Windows screensavers
Windows screensaver configuration and settings
If you have Windows 10, read here where the Windows 10 screensavers have gone so you can arrive at this screen.
For Windows 7, it is easier to arrive to the screensaver settings screen.
For previous versions of Windows, follow these instructions to arrive at the screensaver settings and selection screen. 
Windows screensaver preview
Windows screensaver
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Moon screensaver tab
Moon screensaver settings
Messages screensaver tab
Messages screensaver tab
With StarMessage, you can write messages in the stars. Write your wishes, your love messages, leave messages for your child to see. Your imagination has the sky as its canvas.
Sky background screensaver tab
Night sky background (wallpaper) screensaver settings
Quotes screensaver tab
Quotes screensaver configuration and settings
Digital clock screensaver tab
Digital clock Windows screensaver configuration and settings
You can use StarMessage as a Digital Clock screensaver.
Relaxing sounds screensaver tab
Relaxing sounds Windows screensaver configuration and settings
Microsoft Windows power settings screensaver tab
Windows screensaver prevent computer from sleep
You can easily delay Windows from entering sleep mode (e.g. while you are doing a big file download).
Startup screensaver tab
Startup Windows screensaver configuration and settings
Telemetry screensaver tab
Telemetry consent Windows screensaver configuration and settings