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Note: If you lost your license for QuickPhase, contact its publisher from the contact form of CalculatorCat.com

The StarMessage Special Edition Screensaver is an exclusive gift for QuickPhase customers.
If you are a QuickPhase customer, click here to download and install your FREE gift.

You must use a windows account with administrative rights to install StarMessage.

Alternatively, you can get the latest standard version of the screensaver with a 20% discount.

The standard edition of StarMessage (version 5) contains all the features of the Special Edition, plus:

  • Ability to customize the first message appearing in the stars.
  • More configuration options.

This offer is linked to your recent purchase of QuickPhase. Please buy now to benefit from it.

Delivery with electronic download.

This price is a one-time fee. Unlike other products, we do not charge you monthly or annually.

Payment methods include: credit cards, cheques, money orders, fax ordering, paypal, webmoney.

After processing your payment you will receive an email with your activation code and download instructions.

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