Screensaver questions

Questions about Windows and MacOS screensavers.

How to check if my StarMessage screensaver is registered or not

You can see if your copy of the StarMessage screensaver is registered or not, by going to the settings of the screensaver.

I lost the activation. How do I request a new registration code?

This page contains information for customers that have already bought StarMessage.

If you haven't bought the StarMessage screensaver and you want to purchase it, please buy it now.

If something critical is changed in your computer (e.g. Windows or MacOS system upgrade), the registration information of the screensaver might get lost.

In that case you can email us to request for a fresh activation code.


How accurate is the moon phase calculation?

The moon illumination is accurate enough for a normal user. Sometimes, the scrolling bottom line that reports when to expect the full moon may seem to be inaccurate.

For example, lets say that the full moon is for June,14 at 00:20. If you run the screensaver at June 13, 21:00, it will say "full moon tonight" because when we say "tonight" we mean until the dawn. So the program may seem to be inaccurate because technically, 00:20 is "tomorrow".

Mac Apple store screensavers - Which are the differences from a Mac screen saver?

Mac App store screensavers are different from the native MacOS screensavers.

Quick answer:

Always prefer the native editions of Mac screensavers, downloaded from the developer's website (outside the Mac app store). The Mac app store screensavers are actually applications that emulate the functions of the native screensavers.