I lost the activation. How do I request a new registration code?

This page contains information for customers that have already bought StarMessage.

If you haven't bought the StarMessage screensaver and you want to purchase it, please buy it now.

If something critical is changed in your computer (e.g. Windows or MacOS system upgrade), the registration information of the screensaver might get lost.

In that case you can email us to request for a fresh activation code.


There is certain information that you need to include in your email. Try to include as much a possible so that your inquiry will be processed automatically and a quick reply will be sent to you.

  • name
  • e-mail (used during the purchase)
  • Address
  • Purchase date or year
  • If you have the email with the order receipt, please email it to us to help the order lookup.
  • Reason for requesting a new code
  • Which do you think is the best feature of the screensaver and what is missing or could be improved

Send your email to:

  • sales (at) starmessage.info
    You must replace "(at)" with the symbol @ and remove the spaces around it.

If you do not receive your re-activation in the next couple of days it is most probable that our email was blocked by your email spam control filter. Please check your spam filter and let us know to resend the email.

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Hi, just updated from windows 7 to windows 10. I tried to put starmessage screen saver on my windows 10 and it will not take activation code. I have had you screen saver for so long, I can't remember when I purchased it. What can I do? My old activation code is 91176754GOBDKIEE. Thanks

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Please send us an email with the information described above.

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